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Daily Deviations I suggested

Let Me Down GentlyI never said I was an angel,
I'm a feather on its wing,
so when you let me drift
on the next western current,
let me fall slowly down,
I promise I'll land softly,
though you will not find me
where you left me.
*I unbutton you, kiss by kiss.
I untie you, touch by touch.
I unzip you, rib by rib.
I unfasten you, moment by moment.
MagnetismI close my eyes,
then the outside world implodes
We are the only focal point
Sight and sound fade
until only touch remains
I am incarcerated within
        the smell of your hair
        the taste of your tongue
Every ounce of my being hangs upon
        the heat of your breath
        the giving of your breast
Your hands pour over me
        like water on stone
I want to bathe in your downpour
        until I'll never be clean again
Blow the candle out
Blow this heart right out of my chest,
then tear yourself away from me
Walk out the door
Take my eyes and dreams
        with you when you leave
bedIt's a stabbing sight
Letting in the morning with a crack of the shades
And you forget you could page-turn horizons
Waft through free territory
Where acres are just beds
Made of fresh land
Wrinkles in the river
Tell remembered times
About old languages that could make you cry
About soft beds that carve away canyons
A speaking voice lifted from the earth
Begging you to remember
I Of YouI want you to break
and never bend for me,
see my history
spiderweb your brilliance
till you belong to me
(and I, to you)
utterly and forever
and know
you cannot stop this.
DormantWinter is a blank slate,
but not like Rousseau's—
it cleanses
sucking out warmth like poison
leaving only windburnt frost
tacked to the window pane
all we remember
is the numbness
the shuddering
skittish steps across the ice
snowflakes pasted to our faces
smoke rising from our lips
dragged across bleak clouds
winter has us captured
bound by fur and walls
drifting in our eggshelled silence
bone cold until we birth ourselves by warmth
emerge from our shells wet and heaving
uncurl our fingers one by one
joints crackling like fire at our backs
until spring comes
drip by tender drip
old wounds thaw
we are found raw,
graced again by feeling.
6:30:09what i wouldn't give
to have my body sink down
into yours, cocooned
in the tumultuous quicksand
of human flesh.
i have never been so moved
as by your touch, the slinking seeping
brush. the universe dispels
and in the absence of everything,
i am less alone
than i have ever been.
blue rose into the city backdrop
like balloons, a million for the
morning sun prelude.
i've not slept a dream
but i have cried a salty face
and letters spilled like beans
into my moleskine,
almost as virgin as i once was
with few stories between my covers.
the kettle's belly boils
like my head upon a pillow.
i am guilty for rarely finishing my tea
even when i use the small mugs;
pour, rinse, repeat.
perhaps today i will play dead.
perched behind my blinds
it dawns on me that i am surrounded
by walled neighbours, strangers,
they're just preludes to lovers
the way i am always
prelude to the one.

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Deviously Poetic Week3

Mon May 4, 2015, 5:47 AM

Hello there awesome people :wave::hug:

Another week and another beautiful collection of poems. Please support the poet, :+fav:'s and comments would be deeply appreciated :bow:

If you are featured in this journal, you also can check everybody else's work, wouldn't that be great :dalove:

Here we go 

      Excited Cactus by funymonyExcited Cactus by funymonyExcited Cactus by funymony

Another Side-PoetryAnother Side
With a single drop,
I knew what's coming.
He held his head,
I could hear the drumming,
His eyes turned cold,
His fingers clenched,
Red swirled with gold.
His sanity's benched.
He looked at me,
With this crazed smile.
I don't know him,
Not anymore.
The storm was red,
Screams were heard.
Terror was spread.
My vision blurred.
I found him covered,
His eyes were closed.
The terror was over.
Silence was heard,
He's alive I know,
Oblivious to him,
The monster who hides
Deep within.

Thoughts (about this photo)
A mist morning long ago
a photo taken then
of times and towns and merry go rounds
and memories of when
a younger person I was then
with life still left to live
and now I look with saddened eyes
and wish it back again.
It flurries past without a thought
of days and weeks and years
and then one day when you awake
there's nothing left but tears
and blurry shadows of those days
reminders of the past
it makes you stop and think out loud
of how it went so fast.

Sheon nights like these
the silence reaps for me
she speaks and groans
a cry from deep
and shows me
what ive hidden
what ive burried
what ive lost

DaydreamMoss sieges your eyes and limbs become ever thinner.
As another one breaks:
You see it, the bottom of our tree-hung home.
As the stars flash their demonic smiles,
Your cold hands reach out for warmth.
I sweep my face into your chest;
You nuzzle your lips into my soft hair…..
And I break eye contact with the drawing in my notebook…

11it came first during the night
quietly and humble
not daring to see the light of day
it came next during the morning
early hours and soft desires
reaching for the sun
and then it flooded every sense
soft touches, warm smell, sweet taste
it ran into the sun freeing itself
it is revolting, my love
and yet you held it
examined it
and smiled

The circle of lifeIt's the circle of Life
People said
It's a distraction
Mind said
We get replaced
like art
from anonymous artists
of forgotten cities
A drawing
a photograph
a memory
Hoping it stays in time
But for who?
For you?
And then?

AutumnLeaves abandon the trees
The green of them become brown.
As you forget
About the green eyed girl.
Green becomes brown
Trees become bare
Alone and heartbroken.
She was the leaves
She completed you
Made you whole
Made you bright.
Now autumn is here.
Warmth becomes cold
And love is lost.

SupernovaPut me to sleep,
I sing within the flames,
I fear death, I fear satisfaction
An untamed heart

You wanted me to burn,
Inside of me
And I wanted to run,
To be everywhere else

Your lullaby,
Is a comforting nightmare,
Your voice is a song,
And your image a scare

You want me to burn,
Get rid of the scars, the shame

You want me to burn, Inside of me
So I turn, let it be,
Cover myself in the sun's sheets
To listen, and to read

Another mind, inside of me

And the voices, they're tangled in my hair,
Pulling, screaming, yelling
But here you are,
The cold whispers on the other side
The only one who cares

And I wanted to burn,
Inside my mind,
I wanted to feel fun,
And be kind


SunshineBeams of light
Through the foliage and
Trees above our heads
Taking in and
Breathing out
The hot air
Between two tongues
Bite into me
Bite into my skin
And take me
And make me whole again
Sunshine sunshine
How do you always make me smile
Sunshine sunshine
Did you know I love you so?
You are a star
You shine so bright
Sometimes I don't know
If I can stand your light
But you hold me close
And you sink in deep
And you gnash your teeth
Against bare skin
I let you in
Oh, when I shut them out
You shine a light, expose my soul
Only you know me as I am
Oh sunshine shine
How do you always know just what to say
Sunshine sunshine
I love you so, you know this is true
So let your light shine
Light shine on me
You're a star
My shining day star
And I wanted you to know
Oh sunshine
Oh starlight
I love you so
And I will
For as long as space goes
And longer than time knows
Eternally, I love you

In and out of breathGazing towards the moon at night
I need to recall the way you play
On my breath with your hands,
The air which descends in my throat
And I caress with my tongue voluptuously
Because the harder I fight for it
The stronger I taste life
Pure, renewed and even more than that
I reach new peaks, it's good to die
Within your arms and be reborn
There, again, on my account

MetallicYou don't know
How long I have waited
For you
I want so desperately
To stare into the eyes
That mirror
My own desires
My heart flutters
Just thinking about it
My bottom lip quivers
Aching for your bite
Tease my mouth
With your tongue
And stain it crimson
Flecks of red
Dotting my lips
Our emerald eyes
Glowing with love
As we both satisfy
Our bloodlust

BoundTied by the rough rope
Of your secrets
As well as mine,
I think I need release
I hurt myself constantly
With the tension
Of my struggle
For liberation
But I really don’t want
My freedom now,
And I begin to enjoy
The pain of the restraints

If you guys think any of these poems deserves a DD, suggest away to our awesome Community volunteers :iconirrevocablefate: and :iconsingingflames: Or just go check what they are up to :love:

Love you all :dalove:

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